Conference History

Prof. Dr. Dragutin M. Veličković
(1942-2004) initiated the series of conferences on applied electromagnetics, and the first one in 1984 under the name First Serbian Symposium on Applied Electrostactics ПЕС at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. Тhe next three assemblies were held in 1986, 1990  and 1996, respectively. In 2001, Symposium changed its name into the International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics. The seventh ПЕС 2005 was dedicated to the founder and the chairman of the Conference, Professor Dr. Dragutin M. Veličković. The first fifteen well-organized conferences with a great number of participants from abroad and from Serbia have allowed the organizers to make new steps in improving the conference quality.
The 16th ПЕС 2023 Conference is intended to be a highly competent, scientific and professional meeting aimed at the efficient exchange of results in the area of applied electromagnetics, presentation of current scientific results, development trends, etc.
The aim of the 16th ПЕС 2023 Conference is to discuss recent developments in applied electromagnetics and their applications to the design and operation of electromagnetic devices. It is intended to establish a platform where experts in engineering, involved in research or industrial areas, can discuss on the theoretical aspects of electromagnetic problems as well as on applications of innovations in these fields.