Social activities ПЕС 2023


The Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage located within the Science and Technology Park Niš holds over 400 showpieces. The museum exclusively holds exhibits developed in the RR Institute and the Electronics Industry since 1948. The oldest exhibit is the X-ray tube, and the setting is completed by numerous products from the assortment of wide consumption: television sets, radio devices, etc. The first computers developed in EI Niš are also within the setting.

CONFERENCE DINNER, Tuesday, August 29th

Conference dinner will take place in “Nišlijska mehana” restaurant, downtown Niš. It’s the traditional restaurant offering all kinds of Serbian specialties.

EXCURSION, Wednesday, August 30th

Archaeological Site Mediana, “Sićevo” hydroelectric power plant, Pirot (Momčilov Grad (Pirot Fortress), Museum of Ponišavlje)

Approximate timing for excursion:

0845 Meeting in front of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering
0900 – 0915 Travelling to Archaeological site Mediana
0915 – 1000 Visiting Mediana
1000 – 1020 Travelling to “Sićevo” hydroelectric power plant
1030 – 1100 Visiting “Sićevo” power plant
1100 – 1145 Travelling to Pirot
1200 – 1330 Sightseeing tour (Momčilo’s Fortress, Museum of Ponišavlje Pirot)
1345 – 1545 Lunch in Pirot
1600 – 1700 Travelling from Pirot to Niš


Mediana is one of the most important Serbian Late Antiquity archeological sites, built between III and the beginning of IV century. It was constructed during the reign of emperor Constantine the Great and his heirs. Today, Mediana is an archeological park where one can see remains of the villa with the peristyle with more than 1.000m2 of the valuable flour mosaics.


On the river Nišava, in the renowned Sićevo Gorge, there is a village called Sićevo and a hydroelectric power plant of the same name. The construction works began in May 1921. Viennese engineer Dekler was engaged to survey the terrain, and the contractor Milan Miljković from Zaječar was responsible for the construction. The equipment arrived through war reparations. The Sićevo Hydroelectric Power Plant was commissioned in 1931.


Momčilov Grad, also known as Pirot Fortress, was built in the 14th century in Pirot, Serbia. It was named after Momčilo, a Bulgarian brigand and local ruler. The fortress played a significant role in defense against the Ottomans along the Via Militaris, a road connecting Belgrade and Constantinople. Momčilov Grad consists of towers, walls, and an inner courtyard. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction offering panoramic views of the entire city and its surroundings. The fortress also hosts cultural events and festivals that attract visitors from the entire region.


The Old House (Museum of Ponisavlje) is a Hristic family house in Tijabara, Pirot. Built in 1848 for merchant Hrista Jovanović, it has been the property of the Serbian state since 1953, and in 1979 it became a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance for Serbia. After WWII, the Old House became a museum, opening to the public in 1956. It is Pirot’s best preserved example of traditional architecture from the mid-19th century.

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